Rotary Table

Rigs, Derricks Etc. manufactures two size rotary tables 22K and 15K.  The halo design can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise without disconnecting any hoses all from the same console and valve.  This design allows more freedom on the rig floor then previous designs that only allowing the operator to go clockwise.        


Rotary 22K Halo
Rotary Table 15K

Rotary 22K Halo

Rotary Table 15K

22K Rotary Specifications

Minimum Internal Diameter: 

Maximum External Diameter:

   (Mounting Flange)

Maximum Manifold Diameter: 

Overall Height: 

Approximate Weight: 

Maximum Tensile Capacity: 

Maximum Compressive Capacity:

Continuous Toque Rating @ 2,500 PSI: 

Maximum Torque Developed @ 3,000 PSI:

Pressure Required to Develop 15,000 FtLBS.: 






4,200 LBS.

460,000 LBS.

170,000 LBS.

18,000 Ft. LBS.

22,000 Ft. LBS.

2,032 PSI

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