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Motor Head Assembly (MHA)

Coil Tubing Tools | Pedcor | 66-4000

Our pressure-balanced and torque-transmitting Motorhead Assembly is available for all sizes of coiled tubing and connects downhole motors to coiled tubing, macaroni tubing or production tubing. Its robust design allows for heavy jarring.

Standard Features: 

  • Slip Connector for connection to coiled tubing

  • Dual Flapper Valve – full opening with protected seal

  • Hydraulic Disconnect enables disconnect from tool string

  • Circulating Valve allows for circulation above the motor

Optional Features: 

  • Burst disk

  • High pressure

  • H2S service

When Ordering Please Specify: 

  • Outside diameter

  • Top and bottom thread connections

  • Material

  • High pressure

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