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Pump Motor Skid

Hydraulic Pumping Unit complete with a Demay Triplex Pump HD-500 and Detroit Diesel Power unit with Allison Transmission or equivalent.

Pump Motor Skids may be single skid or split-skid for easy transport.


Power End Specifications:

• Companion Flange- 1800 Series Spicer.

• Input Spline- 3”-10.

• Input Rotation- Clockwise.

• Input Speed- 2100 RPM Max.

• Gear Train- Steel worm and bronze bull gear with an 8:0:1 reduction.

• Crankshaft- Forged steel and balanced.

• Connecting Rods- Forged aluminum split caps and insert bearings.

• Crossheads- Three cast alloy steel.

• Case- High strength steel weldment.

• Bearing Type- Two (2) tapered outboard and two (2) cylindrical inboard.

• Oil System- Gear pump driven off worm, standard.

• Oil Filter- Replaceable disposable twin canister elements.

• Oil Capacity- 22.5 gallons.

• Oil Pressure- 80-100 psi.

• Right Hand Configuration

Fluid End Specifications:

• Fluid End Type- Horizontal Triplex, three piece forged steel.

• Plunger Type- Single acting two piece plungers. 3.375” size plungers.

• Valve Type- Double-guided, carburized, high contact.

• Valve Seats- Carburized and replaceable.

• Pressure Packing- Long Life, CDI short stack.

• Discharge Elbow- straight blank, elbow flanges with 1502 connections.

• Pressure Rating- 20,000 PSI Max.

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