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Faz-Torque 80 (FT-80)

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The FazTorque 80 is a continual rotating, bucking unit, breakout unit, or torque machine that is self-contained, free-standing, hydraulic-powered tool designed to provide speed and accuracy for the makeup or breakout of threaded connections on downhole tools. Its design includes gear drive rotation, six self-centering cylinders that distribute forces evenly, synchronized cylinders that eliminate the need to change jaws and it accepts standard tong dies. Our experienced personnel team is available for field installation and service as needed.

Standard Features

  • Primary Skid 12' Long 

  • Head Stock 2-3/8" - 12-3/4" 

  • Tailstock 2-3/8" - 12-3/4"

  • Hydraulic Stand Alone Control Console

  • Two Speeds: 12 RPMs / 6 RPMs

  • Power Traverse Tailstock  

FT80 Breakout Machine, Bucking Unit, Torque Machine


  • Diameter Capacity: 2-3/8" - 12-3/4" 

  • Torque Capacity: 75,000 FTLBS.

  • Overall Length: 156" 

  • Overall Width: 52" 

  • Overall Height: 85" 

  • Total Weight: 9,500 LBS.  

Optional Features

FT80 Breakout Machine, Bucking Unit, Torque Machine
FT80 Breakout Unit
Mobile Breakout Unit, Torque Machine, Bucking Unit
  • 20' Headstock & Tailstock Beam Extensions  

  • 20' Skid (for overhead loading)

  • Support Rollers 

  • Hydraulic Jack Stands 

  • Push/Pull Cylinder Assembly  

  • Spinner 

  • Computerized Toque Control System Complete with Printer

  • Soft Touch Inserts

Breakout Machine, Bucking Unit, Torque Machine

The FazTorque 80 can be customized to fit your requirements, and our qualified Peña personnel can engineer, manufacture and install complete automated systems.

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