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Hydraulic Disconnect

Coil Tubing Tools | Pedcor | 68-3250

This tool allows the operator a method to release the coiled tubing from the tool string. Its robust design allows for heavy jarring. It is anti-rotational, so it can be used with rotating tools and can be run directly above a motor or vibrating tool. Pumping a steel ball down through the coiled tubing and seating it in the sleeve shears the brass shear screws and moves the sleeve down, releasing the retainer lugs. Once released, there is circulation through the tool. The bottom sub has an internal fishing neck and may be latched onto with a standard pulling tool. The Hydraulic Disconnect has four shear screws and the pressure needed to release the tool ranges from 600 to 2500 PSI per screw.

When Ordering Please Specify: 

  • Outside diameter

  • Top and bottom thread connections

  • H2S service

  • Ball drop sizes

  • Shear screw values

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