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Ditch Magnets 

Ditch Magnets are the most available and highly effective designed tool to catch or remove metal contaminants from the drilling mud that the shale shaker will not get. It will capture all metals having magnetic attraction and hold them until they can be removed from the mud stream. This tool is particularly valuable during milling operations. Removal of mill cuttings and debris reduces wear of mud pumps and other equipment, as well as eliminating problems caused by the return downhole of harmful debris. They are equally effective during wash over and fishing jobs. 


  • Stainless Steel 

  • Integral Handles 

  • Ruggedness 

  • Highly Power-to-Weight Ratio 

  • Suspension Half of their Weight 


No special instruction as required to operate the Ditch Magnets. The unit should be cleaned several times per day, depending on milling rate. Just remove the magnet and clean with fresh or salt water hose. Wipe all cuttings from the unit and return it to duty.

Ditch Magnet.JPG
Ditch Magnets.JPG



Magnet Length: 12"
Overall Length: 13.5"
Max Width (Handles): 7"
Max Height (Handles): 8"
Weight: 34 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel


Magnet Length: 18"
Overall Length: 19.5"
Max Width (Handles): 7"
Max Height (Handles): 8"
Weight: 43 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel


Magnet Length: 24"
Overall Length: 25.5"
Max Width (Handles): 7"
Max Height (Handles): 8"
Weight: 55 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel


Magnet Length: 30"
Overall Length: 31.5"
Max Width (Handles): 8"
Max Height (Handles): 7"
Weight: 65 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel


Magnet Length: 36"
Overall Length: 37.5"
Max Width (Handles): 7"
Max Height (Handles): 8"
Weight: 80 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel

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