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Peña Manufacturing Company is a division of Rigs, Derricks Etc.,LLC. that specializing in manufacturing hydraulic bucking units, jar testers, pneumatic casing elevators, torque machines, and makeup / breakout units.  Pena Manufacturing has been serving customers for over 25 years.  Our facility is fully equipped to provide custom manufacturing and oil tool repair service.  We are a full service company and provide parts and calibrations for all bucking units, jar testers, and makeup / breakout units, and torque machines, anywhere in the world.  We offer standard sizes of all products, or we can build machines or tools according to your specifications.

Computerizes Torque Control System

Pena Manufactures four bucking units or makeup / breakout units, or torque machines with each its own set of functions.  All are setup, programmed and operated by the tong or bucking unit technician and mount on the tong.  All units generate hard copy reports, while running or when the job is complete.  

We Cover a Wide Range of Specifications 

Pena Manufacturing's bucking units or makeup / breakout units or torque machine have a torque capacity of 200,000 FTLBS. with 120,000 FTLBS. of continual rotation.  The units have a chucking capacity of 2-3/8" OD to 21" OD that is all controlled by the hydraulic console. The units are powered by a 30HP electric motor 220/440V with a max of 3,000PSI.  

Quality is something that sets us apart  

Pena Manufacturing is looking for a long business relationship with it's customers.  We pride ourselves on quality, service, and support with all our bucking units, breakout units,  and torque machines.  When purchasing a Pena unit you get a commitment that we stand behind everything we manufacture.        

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