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Calibration, Service, & Parts

Dies, Inserts, Tong Dies

Dies / Inserts 

Torque Bar

Torque Bar

Jaw Holder

Jaw Holders

Pena Manufacturing's years of experience to carry out scheduled calibration of any make and model of breakout  / bucking machines and associated product as well as our own. All of our calibration equipment is traceable to National standards or equivalent.

On completion of the calibration, a certificate is issued free of charge to the client.  

We do our best to schedule calibrations overseas or domestically with multiple clients to allow the dilution of unavoidable costs such as equipment freight, air fare and in-transit rental costs.  This can save the clients thousands of dollars in expenses.     

Because we are able to calibrate any make and model of Torque machine, our support eliminates the requirement for more than one companies Technician making the trip and being on-site which in turn avoids unnecessary duplication of costs such as freight, air fare etc.

All machine details are stored on our database and we will ensure we contact you in sufficient time to react to your upcoming calibration expiry date.

Pena Manufacturing utilize their years of experience to carry out scheduled servicing of any make and model of Torque Machine and associated product.

Our extensive service and inspection which is carried out by an experienced Torque Machine Technician covers each area of the equipment individually. A full report on the condition and operation of the equipment and its functions along with any recommendations we may have will be issued on completion of work.

Pena Manufacturing stocks a large range of spare parts for many makes and models of Torque machines to allow us to react immediately to any customer requirements.

We can supply direct replacements for all machined parts including slip rings and seal kits, hydraulic cylinders, non marking jaws, sub heads etc. All items are available at competitive prices and come with a full warranty.

Many “off the shelf” items such as tong dies, hydraulic valves, bearings, transfer balls, wheels, filter kits, electric motors, electrical switches and replacement PC’s are also available from stock or available within 1-2 working days.

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