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Flapper Check Valve

Coil Tubing Tools | Pedcor | 13-3000

The Flapper Check Valve is designed to prevent well pressure from entering into the coiled tubing or jointed tubing. This tool can be used with most thru tubing tools and can be run below the connector if an MHA is not required or if a Hydraulic Disconnect is to be run further down the assembly.

Standard Features: 

  • Minimum Restricted Flow Path Compared to Body Outside Diameter

  • Rated 10,000 PSI External Pressure

  • Soft Seat Seal Protected

  • Hardened Stainless Flapper

  • Single or Dual Configuration

When Ordering Please Specify: 

  • Tool outside diameter

  • H2S service

  • Top and bottom thread connections

Dual Flapper Check Valve.jpg
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