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Circulating Sub

Coil Tubing Tools | Pedcor | 25-7200

Our Circulating Sub is a part of our unique line of coiled tubing wellhead hangers used for remedial well servicing and workover operations of oil and gas wells. It is used in simulation treatments for additional annular velocity. The ball drop shears the predetermined shear screws, shifting the small mandrel down and opening a side circulation port. This tool offers customers the ability to land and retrieve coiled tubing under wellhead pressure without the need to kill the well. We also offer a lower cost tubing hanger utilizing slip and seal or mandrel hangers. All hangers are rated for H2S service and are available in standard or custom threaded sizes.

When Ordering Please Specify: 

  • Outside diameter

  • Top and bottom thread connections

  • H2S service

  • Shear screw ratings

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