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Jar Tester (G-150)

The Pena Jar Tester is a machine for setting, checking, and testing pull loads of a variety of tools with an outer diameter up to 12".  The Jar Tester is capable of exerting tension or compression loads in a controlled manner.  The Pena Jar Tester provides an effective and accurate means for shop testing hydraulic jars setting and checking pull loads of mechanical rotary jars, safety joints, bumper subs, and other similar tools.       

Size: 125-1/2" H x 42" W x 24' L 


Weight:  6,000 LBS.


Throat Size:  12" 


Stroke: 32" Push & Pull


Max Pull: 206,000 LBS. @ 3,000 PSI


Max Push: 235,000 LBS. @ 3,000 PSI


Recommended: 2 Extensions for Drilling Jars, Total Length 40'  

Jar Tester
Jar Tester
Jar Tester Console
Jar Tester
Jar Tester
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