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Rigs, Derricks, Etc., LLC.

Rigs, Derricks, Etc. has been supplying the oil & gas industry worldwide with quality equipment and custom steel fabrication for over 20 years.  We are ready to bring your project to life.  Please send your steel fabrication and machining inquires to our team for a quick quote.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you reduce downtime and increase your bottom line - We've got you covered. 

We Work With the Best Because We Are the Best

We have completed several custom projects for customers such as Weatherford, Drillmec, Mammoet, Canrig, Safe Tanks, and Halliburton including Tank Trucks, Skids, Frames, and many more!

Disclaimer:  Companies mentioned above are customer references only and are not affiliated with RDE in any manner.

Plenty of Space to Meet Your Growing Needs

RDE has the capability of completing fabrication needs from small to large scale projects.  Our facility is settled on 7.8 acres, has 30-ton lifting capacity, certified welders, and complete hydraulics.

Find Out More About What We Can Do For You

RDE furnishes the domestic and international oil and gas industry with a complete line of new and used work-over and drilling packages that are ready to work as soon as they hit the field. We can supply you with custom designed rig packages, derricks, mast, substructures, world-wide service technicians and accessories for all climates and terrain both land and offshore.

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